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A big thanks to Sculptor Priscilla Cowie, Chris & Gordon at Ngai Tahu and Prometal for giving us the opportunity for working on this stunning piece of artwork situated in the city!

powder coating services

Powder coating is a technologically advanced process where ground particles of colour pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and then applied to a range of metal surfaces.

The powder coated product is then heated in one of our ovens to a temperature that fuses the powder to the surface and then is cured to give a smooth even finish suitable for both interior and exterior uses.
Powder coating is also very cost effective for long runs of product requiring fast turn around.

Powder coating is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint and generally more resistant to fading and chipping.

Powder coating is used where a very precise thickness (we work to 80-100 microns) and quality of finish is required. While generally the range of powder coating colours is less than that available for wet spray, Powdertech have over the last 20 years perfected a range of colour finishes and blending techniques that have set them aside from others in the industry.

As with all coating solutions, high quality powder coating finishes are reliant on pre-coat surface preparation. The highest quality powder coating requires pre-treatment before the single coat of powders is applied, heated and cured.

Powdertech’s own pre treatment processes and support specialist services pride themselves on ensuring the highest quality pre treatment powder coating services to ensure the final coating is given the best chance of performing to its maximum.

What can I Powder Coat?


What can I Spray Paint?

Metals • Wood • Plastic • Glass

Colour Range for Powder Coating

For metal the colour range is extensive, but not as extensive as spray painting. Spray painting  has a far more extensive colour choice. It can be matched to any colour. Where we can not colour match with powder coating, the alternative is spray painting. 

Colour Charts for Powder Coating

Dulux Colour Charts Powder Coating
Prismatic Colour Charts Powder Coating
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